15 Greatest Adult Humour Hidden in Animated Kids Movies

15 Greatest Adult Humour Hidden in Animated Kids Movies

Kids movies are made for kids obviously, but the reality is that they are also made for the parents of these kids! The parents of these kids who have a dirty mind and who show appreciation for adult humour!  And,  because these animators know that the kids’ parents make up a large portion of their audience- they definitely had to find a way to keep them entertained as well.

That said, plenty of animators sneak in dirty one-liners, sexual innuendos, in addition to many other jokes that only adults would get! They are meant to be subtle and sly and are intended for kids not to even think twice about- but are intended for the parents to appreciate. So let’s now go over 15 of the greatest adult humour hidden in animated kids movies.

1. Madagascar: Marty’s Curse Words That Are Subtle

Marty the Zebra was incredibly terrified when Alex the Lion began to chase him. I mean, who wouldn’t be jumping out of their skin if a lion started going after them- especially for zebras since they are one of the best meals around for the giant cats. Therefore, out of fright, Marty blurted out random words which were Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Kids will hear that and find it funny simply because it does not make sense. But if their moms and dads can spell out the acronym, then they’ll definitely see why Marty yelled that. Wouldn’t you if a lion was chasing you?

2. Cars: Flashing Lights

The hotshot Lightning McQueen meets a few lady friends, Mia and Tia after a big win! Therefore, they show him how much they appreciate him by flashing their headlights. Kids would probably not even think anything of the female cars flashing their lights at McQueen. However, once their parents can add the two and two together- flashing at a hotshot, then they’ll see that an innocent kids movie like Cars indeed has a very dirty joke.

3. Shrek: Lord Farquaad

Lord Farquaad was the main antagonist in Shrek where he removed all of the fairytale creatures from his land by forcing them to stay in Shrek’s swamp. That is when Shrek’s peaceful existence was destroyed! And Lord Farquaad was really a fitting name for the kind of character he portrayed. Kids would just think it is a strange name, but if you say Lord Farquaad really fast- doesn’t it sound like Lord F****wad? The animators chose that name for such a nasty character, don’t you think?

4. Frozen: Size Doesn’t Matter

Those who have seen Frozen, it is a known fact that Kristoff is a major cynic when it comes to love. Additionally, he was quite upset when he found out that Anna became engaged within a day of meeting a Prince Charming type of character named Hans. Kristoff starts interrogating her about how well she really knows Hans, He wanted to know Hans’ last name, eye colour, and best friend’s name until he asked her what his ‘foot size’ well. And she responds with the fact that foot size really does not matter. We all know what Kristoff had really asked and it had nothing to do with him wanting to know the actual size of his feet!

5. Minions: My Eyes are Down Here

When the poor Minions were not allowed to enter the Tower of London without being accompanied by an adult, they decided to dress like a normal size lad so they can sneak into the tower. And then, a Frenchman was caught staring at the boobs of the fake lady. That created the most awkward eye contact imaginable!

6. Monster House: It’s a Girl House?

The homeowner’s soul had merged with the house, where the trio of kids had lost their basketball on the property. Then, the kids ended up having to look for the basketball inside of the house where it was modeled after a human body. Once the kids end up in the area where the dangly thing at the back of the throat was, which is the uvula- that is when they had asked if it was a girl house, because of one of the kids thought it was the vulva!

7. Aladdin and the King of Thieves: You Shook Me

This movie went straight to DVD. When Aladdin and Jasmine had gotten married, there was an earthquake during the wedding. And, Genie had said under his breath “I thought the world was not supposed to move until the honeymoon”. Kids would not think a thing of it, but their parents would certainly get the humor!

8. Ice Age- Dawn of Dinosaurs: Got Milk?

Those who have seen Ice Age know that Sid the sloth is not the brightest star in the sky. Since he wanted some milk, he went to a male ram to try to quench his thirst- until he made that horrible discovery that he wasn’t going to get milk from the source where he thought! He ended up with an unpleasant surprise instead! Toddlers wouldn’t get it but young school-age kids would have been asking their parents plenty of questions after this scene!

9. Zootopia: Bunnies Are Multiplying

Officer Judy Hopps was aiming to scare off Nick Wilde by calling out his tax evasion. She puts out a math joke by saying that she may be a “dumb bunny” but also makes it clear that “she is good at multiplying”. So kids would literally believe that Judy Hopps is good with math since she can multiply, but the parents completely understand what she means because that was flirtatious.

10. : Stiff as a Board

When Flower got his first kiss, he said he was stiff as a board. Kids would think that he was paralyzed with excitement by saying that because of getting his first kiss. What else would they think anyway? But us adults know exactly what the skunk meant when he said that! He got a boner! That is what he meant and the animators added that in there purposely probably to keep the parents engaged with the movie as well! Very creative thinking.

11. Cinderella: The Need for Beads

While Jaq and Gus were looking for pieces of Cinderella’s destroyed necklace, they acted as if they were having a fun time while looking for the pieces and retrieving them. And while they did pick those pieces whenever you look at the picture of them being busy by gathering the beads- you can also see that they were into kinky s**t as they were using parts of the destroyed necklace for their own kinky pleasure. Kids would assume they are trying to have fun by doing a job for Cinderella by looking for the necklace. But the parents knew they used those beads for their own sick pleasure!

12. A Bug’s Life: Let’s Pollinate Together

In that movie, there were some drunken flies that were looking to be entertained at P.T. Flea’s Circus. And then when they ended up finding Francis the ladybug, one of them hits on her with the line hey cutie, wanna pollinate with a real bug? Kids would laugh at that because flies can’t make pollen and it would be a silly phrase. However, the parents knew exactly with the drunken fly meant when he said that! And that pickup line was quite disturbing!

13. Hercules: That Oedipus Thing

When Meg and Hercules were talking about that odd play that they had just been watching on their date and made fun of how  Oedipus had more serious problems than he did by saying And that play? That Oedipus thing? Man, I thought I had problems! Kids would not understand that Oedipus killed his father so he could marry his mother. But chances are the parents got that incestuous joke.

14. Lion King: Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Look at the way that Simba and Nala looked at each other in the eyes when they were alone together. And the song playing at the time was Can You Feel The Love Tonight? They were certainly hinting with one another what they were planning to do as that was a cartoon version of a bedroom scene right there. Kids would just think they like each other but the parents know how that scene was a lot deeper than that!

15. Ratatouille: I’ve Got A Little…

There is that scene when Linguini was trying to confess the secret of Remy The Little Chef to Collette, he begins to say I’ve got a little… a little… and was obviously quite uncomfortable. For a brief moment, Colette actually looks down! Kids would definitely not understand what that meant as they would think that he has something small that he is ashamed of. But they don’t know what! But, the parents would easily catch the joke!

There are plenty more examples of dirty humour that is hidden in animated kids movies, but hopefully this list right here gave you a good chuckle for the day!