How Too Much Screen Time is Affecting Our Children

Too Much Screen TimeScreen Time
Screen Time

Technology has completely enveloped the human race. We live in a world where we wake up to a screen in the morning and go to bed at night with a screen. Screen time has significant consequences for adults, we can just imagine what it can do to our children. Yes, there is a certain advantage of introducing screens to children, however, more often than not this turns into an addiction with disastrous consequences. Nowadays, toddlers and infants have screens in their hands and are transfixed in a world of their own. Here we describe some of the many long term effects that this seemingly harmless means of consoling your child can have on their brain.

Saturates their brain
Introducing screens to children at a young age can damage their developing brains. Medical professionals suggest that too much screen time at an early age interfere with the learning processes, so the child takes longer to learn the basic things that you are so eager to teach him. However, it doesn’t end just there, the child’s ability to focus, to be attentive, to concentrate and to sense and understand his surroundings is also affected. Hence, handing children a screen, even for educational purposes can cause more harm than good.

Trouble socializing
Screens cut children off from people into a world of their own. This seriously affects their social skills and their ability to interact and make friends. Such children find it difficult to understand the unspoken communication like thousands of facial expressions, the tone of voice and so much more that add depth to communication. This could seriously hamper the child’s ability to fit in later when they go to school or college. You may not know it, but this excessive screen time could lead to isolation and severe depression later on.

The immediate reward
Another problem that is becoming increasingly evident as the new generation takes up their role in different career paths, is immediate gratification. It may be entertaining for a mother to see her child smile and laugh while sliding through pictures, but in the baby’s brain, something much more serious is being incorporated. Since a very early age, children are introduced to instant gratification which doesn’t exist anywhere except in the screens. This leads to an impatient and restless nature. This can become an inherent part of the child’s personality to the extent that when they grow up they are frustrated by the natural speed of progress which is much too slow for them.

All these factors point to the many ways that screens can harm your child. Still, we don’t want you to trash those tablets! They do have a meaning and you can’t just isolate your child from the technology completely. Instead, try to limit screen time to a minimum. An hour a day is enough to entertain a child while still providing loads of time for the real world. Technology is a complicated asset and it’s our duty, as parents, to take this responsibility seriously.


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