Brooke shares with us about the joys and challenges of raising SONS!

Brooke shares with us about the joys and challenges of mothering Boys!
Photo by Brooke Holland

In the blink of an eye we had three children under the age of 4! Now when I say we have three children… I can also tell you they are all BOYS!

When we announced our last baby’s arrival into the world we got a lot of responses – Wow ANOTHER boy; You’re going to have your hands full; Oh poor you – mum of all boys! And to this day, 11 years later, I still get asked if I’m going to try for a girl by complete strangers; or the random comments by some as “poor you having all boys”! I’m not sure why people think this way and to have all same sex children (either boys or girls) we are somehow missing out! I truly am the lucky one to have three healthy happy boys!

Let me tell you there is never a dull moment! I love all their differences and how unique they are. All with their own personalities, different likes and passions, dreams, hair styles – yes boys can have different hair styles and mine certainly do; and all bringing so much love and joy to our family and our lives… and lots of nasty smells too! Who knew fart and butt jokes could be so hilarious and have them in fits of laughter.. for hours!!!

A house full of boys means it’s noisy! We have a really loud house. They all want to tell you something at the same time and yelling over the top of each other to get their voice heard is the way they do it. But ask them about their day or anything personal about their lives and it’s like pulling teeth. They hold their cards very close to their chest and don’t express things often, so when they do it’s all ears from me.

Competitions are a daily thing, no matter how small, the competition is on! They wrestle and fight – sometimes play fighting other times not. I’m always putting out spot fires! And the cue for bedtime often becomes let’s mess around with a quick game of handball, catch or a wrestle.

I have to remind them to have showers and basic hygiene. Wash your hair, face, your pits and your bits… standing under running water isn’t classified as a shower. Deodorant is a must, especially as they are getting older and wee on the toilet floor is a constant, no matter how many times you remind them to aim in the bowl! Don’t ever expect the toilet seat to be down, or the toilet flushed. It’s a mad scramble to check the toilet is clean when unexpected guests drop in.

Clothes should be put in the wash when they are dirty and not shoved in a cupboard only to be worn with last week’s stains the next time we go out. The floor is not a cupboard and neither is putting clean clothes back into the washing pile!

They love the outdoors, bouncing, running, kicking, being dirty and exploring. They love sport, playing it, watching it and talking about it. Give them a ball of any shape or size and they will play for hours… together and alone! I treasure the times they are getting along and playing with ease, and when it’s like this they are such a great team. And then something happens and it all goes downhill…. fast! I high five myself one second only to be crying on the inside the next.

They are always hungry. After school they are like a pack of ravenous wolves, so having healthy snacks on hand is the key as well as big hearty meals.

Cuddles in bed are the best. Chats and telling me stories with such animation and joy is a delight and their smiles and laughs melt my heart. I am their biggest fan. I yell the loudest and jump the highest at all their sports carnivals and events. Embarrassing them is a must and having a laugh with them is the best. I cry at every assembly item, every merit award and love my proud mummy moments being etched into my heart.

As our eldest finishes up Primary School, my heart bursts with pride and aches just as much. My once little baby is growing up fast into a handsome young man. A new phase of life awaits him with High School and all that brings. This in turn brings new challenges, girl talk, social media and lots for me to learn!

Did I think I would be a mum of all boys… not at all, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! My hope is that I’m doing a great job of being their mum and raising them well for their adult years. I try to be their calm, in this crazy storm of life. I will always be their safe place for whenever or wherever they need it.


Written by, Brooke Holland

Mother of 3 Sons

Primary School Education Assistant

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