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Parenting has never been easy. Raising a child is a huge responsibility and one that must be taken seriously at that. However, parenting isn’t what it used to be. The new generation presents new problems, changing the dynamics of parenting considerably. Parents have to deal with the growth of the online world, as well as new offline problems that confront the growth of our children.

The Team at New Age Parenting Australia is aware of the power of sharing parenting experiences, and how it can help others learn and grow. The site offers an opportunity for Parents from all walks of life, to share their story.

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Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

Parenthood can be extremely rewarding, enlightening and enjoyable. Yet at times it’s hard to see the rainbows and fairy dust through the thickness of thunderstorms and hail. Parenting can be demanding, frustrating and exhausting. As

Family Health

Pregnancy & Childbirth


What Dads-To-Be Should Know

  For first-time parents, it may be a daunting task of raising a child. For fathers, it may be overwhelming just looking over the baby’s mother because of all of the work that comes with

Baby Brain

Baby Brain Development

The human brain is a miracle. It’s amazing how cell by cell, we evolve into our complete forms with functioning organs and powerful intellectual capabilities. The fetal brain development has puzzled experts since forever. Each

Postnatal Depression

Giving birth to a new creation is one of the happiest moments of life for most of the women. At the same time it can be even stressful as it requires a lot of strength

The Importance of Breastfeeding

Breast milk usually is the first food of a baby and is being produced by the mother in sufficient quantity and quality even in midst of energy or nutrient limitations. While breast milk plays a