Children and Cyber Safety

With the developing world and the internet opening up an immense world of information to all of us, any kind of knowledge is available at the fingertips. However, with knowledge comes responsibility. We, as adults may be able to guard ourselves against the dangers of the internet, children, however, are innocent and are easy targets for a number of harmful things on the World Wide Web. Unless you guide your child in the right direction and implement proper cyber safety measures, your child will be exposed to constant threats that could shape your child’s personality in the long run. Here we provide you with some of the best cyber safety measures that you need to implement in order to protect your children from internet hazards.

Talk to them
The first thing that you need to do is address the problem. Talk about it with your child. You need to explain to your children that once they log into the internet, they are not alone. There are numerous people on the internet who are especially skilled in finding out who you are and where you live and can use this information for the wrong purpose. Make them realize that these people can even tap into the files on your personal computer so that they have an idea of how unsafe the internet can be. Talk to them about violence, exploitation, pornography and other things that may concern you. This tactic introduces the child to the dangers which he may not have considered before and makes them realize that a security or personal breach can occur.

Explore together
We teach our children to walk, talk and learn. However, when it comes to the internet, most kids are simply ‘let loose’ without any guidance or help. You need to set time aside to teach your child about the internet. Spend time scrolling together. Show them the sites that are specifically made for children. Allow them to take the lead while you just help now and then so that you can influence the areas that your child browses.

Controlling access
Many times, some unwanted ads, repulsive promotion, phishing sites or pornography appears on a relatively innocent site, out of nowhere. If a child doesn’t know what it is, he or she may fall prey to it and enter into a world, which is nowhere near appropriate for him. To avoid this, you can always choose a screening app or service that filters sites and allows the ones with appropriate content. This special blocking may as well be one of the best ways to ensure cyber safety until your child is old enough to know the good from the bad himself.

Guidelines and rules
Certain rules need to be laid out for every child before he or she is allowed to browse the net. You need to make them understand that they are not supposed to provide their real name, parents name, school’s name, their address or any their personal information to anyone online. Another thing that is just as important is to emphasize the rule that they should not meet up face to face with anyone whom they have met online. Also, they shouldn’t sign up for any service that charges money, at least without asking you first. Enforcing these rules will help create a safe perimeter around your child and will alert him whenever something is amiss.

Cyber safety is an issue and it is a very commonly ignored problem. However, implementing some basic strategies can help protect our children from a number of dangers. The most important thing is that you need to make your child aware of the dangers if they didn’t know that a problem exists, they are likely to walk right into it. The internet is a vast source of information and we need to make sure we use it safely!

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