MY DRIVE TO INSPIRE AND EMPOWER WOMEN written by Nikki Spagnolo, Health Coach and Personal Trainer

The Healthy Platform


Every morning I look in the mirror and smile.  Not because I am vain, arrogant or full of ego but to recognise who I am.  Who I really am.

My name is Nikki Spagnolo.  I am an individual, a mother, a wife, a sister, an aunt, and a friend. I have bumps, wobbly bits and crooked toes. I am also strong, determined, persistent, incredibly stubborn and I am me.

My drive to inspire and empower women came from my own personal journey. In 2010, I weighed 90kg after the birth of my third child. I felt miserable, uncomfortable, withdrawn and would self sabotage any attempts to improve my health and well-being. I eventually realised that there was no quick fix or magic pill and that determination and hard work were inevitable.

I embarked on a journey of self discovery and began to prioritise myself (without guilt). I re-evaluated my nutrition, started exercising for enjoyment and was finally able to recognise the importance of a positive mindset. I watched my body change and I felt amazing.

Nikki Spagnolo
Nikki Spagnolo

I began to like the reflection in the mirror.  Not because of the way she was looking but for the strength and power I saw in her eyes each and every day.  I finally realised that to change the way I felt about my reflection I had to change the way I felt on the inside.

Up until 2015, my husband and I believed that we had a good handle on our family’s nutrition. It was at this time that our eldest daughter became chronically ill.  Medical advice included pain relief medication followed by invasive investigative surgery. My husband and I decided to consult a Naturopath who suggested dietary adjustments and supplementation. Within three months of us making these changes her symptoms dissipated.

This became the driving force for me to further educate myself.  I began studying Nutrition and Health Coaching and found that my previous qualifications of Personal Training and Early Education began to influence my niche.

Through my health coaching practice, I discovered that once women became mothers they felt like they had ultimately lost the right to put themselves first.  I mean, isn’t that what we are meant to do? We bring a child into this world and they are supposed to become our utmost priority. Inevitably this is exactly what happens.

My children are my everything but ‘I’ am also my every thing. I am not just an amazing mother and wife but I am also Nikki Spagnolo.  I can look after my values and the values of my children respectfully.  I personally feel that I am able to give more of me to my children and husband simply because I practice the art of self care and love as much as possible.

As my practice grew it became obvious that when clients prioritised themselves, it had a beautiful domino effect. They discovered that their relationships improved and they had more quality time to offer their children. Nutritional change became easier to implement and clients were left feeling empowered.

It became clear that prioritising and respecting a person’s values is integral to one’s spirit.  This became the driving force behind The Healthy Platform Membership.  I wanted to create a space where mothers could come that was safe, positive and fun. Where education regarding nutrition, self care, mindset and fitness were empowering.  A space filled with inspirational mothers, and the best part is that each one inspires the next.  It is such a beautiful platform to be part of.

If you would like to be part of this amazing platform please contact me for further information:

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