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Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

While the news of a pregnancy may warrant a ton of congratulations from relatives near and far, it is time for you to take a reality check and put yourself as your numero uno priority


What Dads-To-Be Should Know

  For first-time parents, it may be a daunting task of raising a child. For fathers, it may be overwhelming just looking over the baby’s mother because of all of the work that comes with

Baby Brain

Baby Brain Development

The human brain is a miracle. It’s amazing how cell by cell, we evolve into our complete forms with functioning organs and powerful intellectual capabilities. The fetal brain development has puzzled experts since forever. Each

| Skitterphoto / Pixabay

Foetal Development in the Womb during Pregnancy

Knowing that you are going to be parents is a completely different feeling. Nothing can describe the happiness, anticipation and excitement of welcoming a new life into this world. Where many parents engage with and


Postnatal Depression

Giving birth to a new creation is one of the happiest moments of life for most of the women. At the same time it can be even stressful as it requires a lot of strength


The Importance of Breastfeeding

Breast milk usually is the first food of a baby and is being produced by the mother in sufficient quantity and quality even in midst of energy or nutrient limitations. While breast milk plays a

father reading toddler son a bedtime story
Children's Health

Why Is Bedtime Reading So Important For Your Child?

Children are undoubtedly our most precious investments, for we are completely invested in giving our children a loving life full of opportunities and growth. Nurturing a child’s mind and inculcating healthy habits can be a

Parents Need to Put their Screens Away!
Children's Health

Parents Need to Put their Screens Away!

With technology advancing and overshadowing the daily life, every one of us is sinking in the modern desire to stay connected. Entertainment videos, news or simply chatting with friends has become immensely important, so much

Children's Health

GMO in our children’s food!

We seek to eat healthy food on a daily basis. However, unknown to you, the ‘healthy’ food that you eat may contain genetically modified foods in the name of promoting a better health and environment.

Social Anxiety in Children
Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety in Children

With the rising stress in the world, it’s no news that children, as well as adults, are suffering from anxiety. Nothing can be more helpless for a parent than to see their child struggling to

Childhood Anxiety
Anxiety Disorder

Helping Your Child Overcome Anxiety

  It was a dark and gloomy winter’s day when I was in class with the pre-primary kids. It started to pour with rain. There was a flash of lightning in the distance and a

Childhood Obesity
Children's Health

The Rise of Childhood Obesity

Weight has always been a prominent issue in adults and teenagers. Not only does the extra fat distort your figure, it also carries many disease processes that can have a toll on your health. However,


ADHD, a Disorder Explained

Mental disorders are running rampant in the community and are no stranger to the general population. Certain disorders are more prevalent than others. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one name that many parents dread. However,


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Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

Parenthood can be extremely rewarding, enlightening and enjoyable. Yet at times it’s hard to see the rainbows and fairy dust through the thickness of thunderstorms and hail. Parenting can be demanding, frustrating and exhausting. As
Nikki Spagnolo - Healthy Platform

When is it more than just Food Fussiness?

Children develop general fussiness from the age of 2.  This is thought to be because of the increasing level of independence and self confidence the child is experiencing.  So how do you know if your


Hi my name is Alisha Harris and I just wanted to introduce myself and talk about why I love infant massage so much. The photo below is my beautiful daughter Aria. She is one year