What Dads-To-Be Should Know




For first-time parents, it may be a daunting task of raising a child. For fathers, it may be overwhelming just looking over the baby’s mother because of all of the work that comes with it. The new fathers need to be prepared for everything that comes in the package of parenthood with the mother and baby. There are a few things to have in mind from pregnancy diagnosis to birth to the first months of the baby’s life.

• Get One-on-One With The Baby

It should not just be the baby and the mother. The father should also take part of the new baby’s upbringing in every aspect. In building confidence, fathers should do the fair share in bathing, dressing, feeding, and nappy changing. The last thing may sound terrible (and disgusting), but think of it as clean up after a dog. When playing with the child, learn how it tries to communicate. Babies can’t talk, but they can make specific cries or show some body language to indicate a need, allowing instant knowledge of if it’s hungry or needs a fresh diaper. It can’t talk, but it doesn’t mean the father can’t speak to it. Talking to the baby is part of their developmental skills in learning language. One more thing, and this may sound funny, but help the mother out with breastfeeding. Obviously, not physically giving milk to the baby directly, but learning about it is useful. Also, be the extra hands the mother needs when focusing on the baby. The average Australian dad spends about 4.5 hours a day caring for the baby when awake.


Dad changing baby's nappy

• Support The Mother At Everything

The mother has the physical burden, so it’s quite important for the father to take some of the load off of her. This isn’t just when the baby comes, but also before the baby is born. Starting in the second trimester, things will change with the pregnant mother. She will feel more tired, nauseous, and irritable. Don’t panic or get irritable because the other half is feeling the same way. As time moves on into the third trimester, fear comes in – for both parents. It is always good to talk about it openly so both are on the same page. Because the baby will be heavier, it would be good for the father to do some basic things the mother usually does. In other words, there is less time for solace and more commitment to the process.

• S-E-X Can Still Happen

I have to bring this up because it will come across at some point during the process. Can sex still happen? Yes. The fetus will not be harmed. However, be aware that the mother’s breasts will be sensitive, so have her be comfortable. Don’t get too radical with it. Read up and meet with pregnancy specialists who can tell you what is a safe position to be in when having sex.

Fatherhood is precious. It is a new era in life. One should not be afraid to embrace the new role in life in raising a child (or two). Conformity to being a parent is necessary, but it does not have to be a nightmare. Just enjoy life and take part of the child’s upbringing, just like how your own parents raised you.



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